How to take care of your privacy on the web

We’re talking about the latest web analytics tools that allow you to take control of what data your users are sharing with you.

Here’s how to take them all off your hands and onto your to-do list.1.

Browser extension to monitor your sites in real time2.

Google Analytics 3.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) 4.

Amazon Elastic Load Balancer (AMI) 5.

Firebase 6.

MyEtherWallet 7.

WebRTC 8.

Telsyte 9.

Slack 10.

Zoho/X-Track 11.

Zendesk 12.

CloudFlare 13.

OTT service from CloudFlares 14.

Wickr 15.

Tuxedo Analytics 16.

Google Trends 17.

Google+ app 18.

Google Calendar 19.

Triton 20.

CloudPowered 21.

Open Graph 22. Zapier