How to Find & Avoid Google Analytics Adware and Spyware

When Google Analytics began tracking the use of Google Analytics for online advertising, the company had to develop a mechanism to block ads that are using the technology to track users.

However, that process didn’t involve changing the ad code, and in some cases, it even led to a user’s personal data being collected. 

Now, Adblock Plus has a tool to help users identify and block ads, and it appears that Google is working on a similar feature for web analytics. 

The AdblockPlus tool, which will be rolled out to users in the coming weeks, will allow users to filter and flag specific types of ad and tracking technologies, according to a blog post from Adblock CEO Matt Mullenweg. 

For example, users can see if an ad is using a cookie to track a user or whether it’s being sent to an email address that may be associated with a malicious server. 

Other features include “tracking cookies, session tracking, and other cookies,” the post notes. 

In addition, users will be able to block certain analytics technologies, including JavaScript, XML, HTML, and CSS, by selecting “Disable” or “Block.”

“It’s not uncommon for people to find ad-targeting technologies like Google Analytics that use cookies to track them, but there are a lot of reasons to block them,” Mullenweg wrote in a blog update.

“This tool allows you to easily do this, and then block all of those features for any specific analytics technology.

We’ll be sharing more details about how this tool works as soon as it’s available.”

Mullenwek went on to note that the tool is currently only available for Windows and Mac users. 

“The tools we’re working on are also for browsers, not operating systems,” he wrote.

“If you’re looking for something for Android, you can use our browser blocker to block analytics on Android.

If you’re running Windows, you should probably just use Adblock.”

The tool is available for free now and will be available for a few weeks to users who are running Adblock Pro on their desktop or laptop.

It will also be available to download through the Adblock app on Windows and iOS.