Twitter: ‘Not going to be the first one to take down our site’

Not everyone is buying the idea that Twitter is the first to take over the world.

Here are five other ways you can fight back: 1.

You can say the wrong thing. 

There is no question that Twitter has had a long history of pushing misinformation and misinformation-fueled attacks.

And this is exactly what has happened. 

But there are some things that you can say that will keep Twitter from taking down your site. 

For example, Twitter will still not be the only place that has an anti-Muslim hashtag, as the New York Times reports. 

Additionally, Twitter does not have to delete content that it does not like, and the company is allowed to continue to use its own content. 


Stop calling for boycotts. 

If you are an activist or journalist and you think Twitter is not doing enough to combat hate speech and bigotry, here are some ways to make Twitter take you down. 

To stop: Tweet “Twitter has always protected me, my friends, my colleagues and anyone who has called for me to be silenced.” 

Then, write the word “silenced” in the subject line. 


Get your news from a trusted source. 

Twitter has a history of not trusting sources, which has led to the proliferation of fake news, as well as disinformation.

Here’s how to find out who is trustworthy and not. 


Take it to the next level. 

The fact that you are tweeting to a group of people who you know and trust is a very effective way to take Twitter down.

The only time you might not want to do this is if you know a troll, as in this case. 


Share this post. 

A lot of people have been doing this, and there are a lot of ways to help. 

You can send a tweet to @TwitterHelp. 

Here are some links: Twitter’s hate speech policy (via The Daily Dot) Twitter’s anti-hate speech policy Twitter’s policy on hate speech (via New York City’s Taxi Workers Union) Here’s how you can help your community: Help spread the word about the #NotTheFirstDay of Twitter by tweeting this: “Twitter Help: Stop the Hate Speech on Twitter”