What you need to know about Australia’s web curator app

AUSTRALIA’S FIRST COMPANIES TO BUY A COMPANION TO THE WEB FORUM  In January, Australia’s first company to buy a professional web curator to help curate its social media platforms was a company called Credit, which is owned by a Chinese investor.

Credit has already bought out the services of two of the most popular social media curators on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, as well as the social media site Buzzfeed.

The company, which launched in March, has now been in Australia for about three months, according to a person familiar with the matter, who asked not to be named.

It has invested around $600,000 in the company, the person said.

The company has also hired two Australian curators who have been hired by the company to manage its platform.

“We are confident that the technology and capabilities of Creditor will make our platform even better and enable more content to be created and shared by our community,” the Crediter team wrote on its website.

“We are also looking forward to working with the community to create the ultimate curatorial experience for all of you.”

The acquisition was announced in an investor presentation by Credidist’s CEO, Peter Yu, and CEO, Andrew Wong.

Mr Yu said in the presentation that Credist’s goal is to provide a platform for content creators to create content for the social platforms.

But he also stressed the importance of the curators working with other curators to create curatorial content.

“When curators collaborate, we are able to create a community where our community has the tools they need to create better content for their audience,” Mr Yu said.

“As a result, our curators will be able to produce more of what you need and want to see.”

Creditor’s website features a page for users to request content from the curator and has a curatorial team of around 30 people, all of whom are volunteers.

One of the team members said the curation process is a “very fast and painless” process.

Some of the content posted on the site has featured content from social media sites including Facebook and Instagram, and other content, including a video from The Huffington Post.

Credid is owned and operated by China’s Anbang Insurance Group, which owns the company behind the popular social networking app Sina Weibo.

In February, the company was named the country’s first-ever top-performing social media company by the China Media Metrics Corporation, which tracks China’s internet activity and has been ranking the social networks since 2007.

Earlier this month, the firm announced it was acquiring an undisclosed number of Facebook-owned Instagram content creators and curators for an undisclosed sum.