When will Juventus score a goal?: An analysis

The last time Juventus scored a goal was on August 4, 2011, when they beat Lazio in the Champions League semi-finals.

At the time, Antonio Conte was the head coach at Lazio, but it was an entirely different era.

Conte’s team were the first to go into the 2011-12 campaign without a goal for the first time in five years, but they managed to score twice in three weeks.

It was a remarkable feat, and one that led to an era in Serie A in which Juventus were the only team to win the title in three of the last four seasons. 

“It was not a goal that would have made a difference to the final score,” Conte said of the 3-2 victory over Lazio.

“But it was a goal, which is important for a player, who is constantly trying to score goals. 

It was a very important game, for the fans and the club.

The team has been struggling for a long time, and now they will win it.

It will be a great achievement for the club.” 

A similar feat was achieved on November 1, 2013, when Juventus beat Napoli 3-1 in the Super Cup semi-final.

That game was one of the best in Serie B history, as Napoli dominated the midfield, winning the ball and playing some fantastic football.

But it was the last game of the season, as Juventus fell 2-0 to Napoli in the final of the Champions Cup.

Juventus will face Sassuolo in the first leg of their Champions League quarter-final on Saturday. 

Injuries have limited the number of goals Conte has scored in recent years, with only a single goal in 18 Serie A games since the start of the 2014-15 season.

The goal scored in the recent game against Lazio was the first since March 26, 2016, but he has only scored one goal in his last 18 matches. 

The stats you need to know: Juventus have only scored 10 goals in nine Serie A matches, with just two of those coming in the last eight games.

Only two other teams have scored fewer goals than Juventus in any one match. 

Juventus have won three straight league matches, including victories over AC Milan and Napoli.

Only one other team has won five straight matches in Serie C: Napoli has won eight of the nine matches.

Juve have won five consecutive league games, with victories over Sampdoria, Bologna, Lazio and Genoa.

Only three teams have won more league games in the competition: AC Milan, Lazios and Napolitans. 

Milan are the only side in Serie D to have scored more goals than Juve in a single game, scoring 16 goals in that match against Napoli on November 2.

The last match Juventus won at the Stadio Olimpico was the opening leg of the 2015-16 Serie D final. 

Bologna and Lazio both lost their opening two games of the Serie D season.

Bolognas victory came on October 31, 2015, at the Trabzonspor Stadium.

Lazio lost the first game of that season, against Parma, to a 2-1 defeat. 

Napoli lost their first two matches of the year, against Cagliari and Fiorentina, to Juventus, Napoli and Inter Milan respectively. 

Genoa, who lost to Juventus in the previous season’s final, beat Juventus in a 4-1 win in October.