Why are so many web sites still using Microsoft Windows 7?

The first two weeks of Microsoft’s new OS are mostly devoted to fixing a bug that could make it harder for people to install Windows 7 and upgrade to a new OS.

But the first week has been all about tweaking some of the features of Windows 7.

Some of the tweaks are subtle.

Microsoft said that Windows 7 is not officially a part of the Windows Store.

And it’s not just about security.

Microsoft is making some major changes to Windows 7, too.

Microsoft is also making some big changes to how Windows 7 runs on older machines.

For example, you will no longer have to reinstall Windows 7 in order to access some of its most advanced features.

That’s a change that could mean that you will be able to access Windows 7’s most advanced functions much more easily in the future.

Windows 7’s new features are also being rolled out in small increments.

For example in October, you can now get a free upgrade to Windows 8.1.

The new features that Microsoft is rolling out are called “Metro”, “Metro UI”, “Windows 7 Start”, “Taskbar”, “Custom Start Screen” and “Task Manager”.

Microsoft has said that the changes will “make Windows 7 even more familiar to new users”.