How to use your webbing to hang up the laundry

The most common method for hanging up a laundry basket is with a piece of webbing. 

The Woven Laundry Bag is a handy tool that hooks into a webbing attachment and hooks the basket to the wall.

It comes with a cord and a set of hooks to make attaching your laundry to a wall a breeze.

The idea is to hang it out to dry and it will hold the laundry for a few days before the basket is picked up and you can hang it up again.

If you’ve never heard of this type of basket before, it is a simple and easy way to hang a laundry.

How to use a webbed laundry basket to hang laundry The first step is to attach the basket using a cord that will hold it in place and a hook. 

You’ll need the hook and cord to attach a piece of woven material to the basket.

Make sure to cut the cord and hook separately.

Use a small screwdriver to attach both pieces. 

This will give you a good hook to hang the basket on. 

After attaching the hook, use a pair of tweezers to carefully cut the webbing away from the basket with the hook.

Now that you’ve attached the webbed basket, it’s time to hang.

When you hang it, make sure to hang at least 6 feet (2 meters) from the wall to prevent the basket from sliding around.

Hanging laundry can be messy, so try to hang your laundry from a wall that is no longer being used, like a door or window. 

Wired laundry can also be hung from a door, but the net result is you’ll have to tie it down again, since it’s too heavy to move.

Keep the netting up by hanging it in the sun and using a towel to keep it dry. 

If you’re not using a web-bed laundry kit, here’s a DIY option: Make a DIY Woven Luggage Rack. 

(I’m going to skip that step, but this is a great resource for finding and fixing webbing.)