Medical News today: The ‘spontaneous’ death of a 5-year-old girl

A 5-month-old child was declared dead after she was accidentally struck by a car while she was playing with a car seat, police said.

The accident occurred at an apartment complex in the city of Tamaulipas on Friday morning, according to local authorities.

The girl’s mother and her two sisters were walking down the street when the accident occurred.

The car had driven up and then crashed into a wall and the girl was inside.

Her father, a police officer, was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The car, however, was still on the street.

Local media reports said the accident caused the girl to lose consciousness.

Police and the prosecutor’s office have yet to identify the driver, but the car belonged to the woman who died.

The investigation is ongoing.

How to create a web app for your business

How to make a web application?

The basics, the fundamentals, and a little bit of everything in between.

You can get started by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and by building your own web application with Bootstrap, which is a JavaScript framework.

The following articles and guides will walk you through creating a simple web application using Bootstrap.

If you want to learn more about Bootstrap and JavaScript you can download a free HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap book from the Bootstrap website.

You will learn a lot about Bootstrapping by reading through the articles below.

Start by learning how to create an online shop using the Bootstrapped Shop template.

If your store is an e-commerce website, it will use Bootstrap to create the store page.

If the store is a website that sells physical goods, you will use a Bootstrap-based CMS, such as Drupal.

If it’s an online service, such an Amazon-owned one, you may want to choose a theme for the site that matches your site theme.

Then, you can create the login page using Bootstraps CMS.

If a business uses the same CMS for multiple sites, you might want to add a custom login form for each site to keep track of which one has the latest features.

Then you can start creating your own website and web applications.

The next article will cover how to build a mobile app using Booty.

To build a simple mobile application, Booty will create an HTML5 JavaScript component that displays a text-based version of the website in the mobile browser.

The components can be used for navigation, contact forms, and more.

To learn more, you’ll need to learn HTML5.

Booty also includes a number of HTML5 plugins to make it easier to create web applications for mobile devices.

You’ll need a mobile device with an HTML browser and a web browser, and you can use the HTML5 and JavaScript libraries included in Booty to build your own mobile applications.

After you’ve built your application, you need to add it to the web server.

You need to specify which platform the application should run on by including the platform name and version in the web application.

For example, if your app is built on a desktop platform, then you need the platform version of your application.

Finally, you should add the required HTML and JavaScript files to the HTML/js folder.

Bootstrap is a lightweight JavaScript framework for creating simple websites and mobile apps.

It uses HTML5 as its standard language and supports all modern browsers and devices.

To create an application using the framework, you use Booty’s built-in web server and Bootstrap’s built in front-end tool, Bootify.

Bootify is a web server that creates a bootstrap-compatible HTML5 page and loads it into the browser.

You specify the location of your app in the application’s configuration file and Bootify uses this information to load your page.

The Bootify template file, which has Bootstrap code inside, loads your page and displays the appropriate elements in the browser’s address bar.

The default configuration includes Booty and a single JavaScript file, named css.js.

To customize your application using this template, you only need to make changes to the css file.

You may also add CSS rules and images that appear in the CSS file, but only in the JavaScript file.

To run your app, you add it as a dependency to the server.

This means you need only set the dependencies and run the server to get the bootstrap files. is a popular free, open source online application development platform that enables developers to create apps that run on any device.

You build your app by creating an HTML, Javascript, and CSS file for the project, then running it.

Boot zio is an online tool that allows you to create Bootstrap templates.

Boot templates can be loaded directly from the web, through a web front-ends or the server, or they can be created by using a template engine such as Bootstrap or Modula-3.

You create Bootz templates by writing the code in Bootz, then editing the code and using Bootz to add your Bootstrap template to the template.

The code can be simple or complex.

You might have to write a bit of boilerplate code that sets up the template to load automatically, or you can write your own custom code to build the template and load it.

You’re now ready to start building your first Bootstrap application.

You should create a template for the front-facing page and a template that loads the site from the server using Boot z io.

The front-faced page looks like this: Front-facing website <link href=