“Worst of the worst” – The Worst of the Worst of Firefox 10

The latest version of Firefox has a bunch of bugs that make it difficult to use, according to a report by the Web Standards Alliance (WSSA), a Mozilla-supported group that has long warned about Firefox’s security issues.

A Firefox 10 beta has been known to crash, and the WSSA found that one bug is causing it to crash and crash repeatedly.

Some of the bugs in the beta have been fixed in the full version of the browser, but there are still a number of bugs in Firefox 10 that cause it to hang and crash, according the WSDA.

For example, when a user opens a page in a new tab in Firefox, a new version of Chrome appears.

The user can’t click on the new Chrome window because the browser’s WebKit rendering engine has been unable to render it.

That bug, the WSAA said, was causing a problem for Chrome users who try to open new tabs in Chrome.

It’s not clear if Firefox 10’s bugs are fixed in its final release.

Firefox 10 is not the first version of Mozilla’s browser to suffer a series of security issues in recent months.

Earlier this month, Mozilla disclosed a series, known as CVE-2016-4163, that was not immediately fixed by the time it was released.

Some Firefox users complained about the lack of updates, and Mozilla has been trying to patch the bugs since the problem was discovered.

The problems are the latest fallout from Mozilla’s transition to a new, open source version of its browser.

Mozilla began moving to a closed source browser, Firefox OS, in July 2015.

That transition has brought new vulnerabilities into the open, and it has also forced Mozilla to shut down some of its software development.

Mozilla announced in December 2016 that it would cease development of the popular Firefox web browser and replace it with the new Firefox Edge browser.